Card games to help you Stay Woke

Updated: Sep 14

Let's face it! The ongoing racism and police brutality can take its toll on our psyche, so It's important that we continue to love on ourselves and remain educated while enduring systemic oppression. Just Play Entertainment's got your back, we've put together a list of our favorite Black Pride games created by Black Game Makers that will provide edutainment for your next game night!

Hip Hop Charades is similar to Taboo but "For the Culture". They've launched a new deck, titled "Stay Woke". This game will have you guessing songs, movies, activist, phrases, political slogans and Black History trivia to find out which team is more "Woke!" Support their GoFundMe Campaign to manufacture the card deck consisting of 125 cards and get an instant digital download! VISIT WEBSITE

Trading Races is the blackest card game ever played! It’s a lot like spades, except instead of betting on points, you’re trying to outblack your opponent. There are 52 cards in a deck, and each player gets 5 cards. The Stay Woke expansion pack is the pack dedicated to keeping it black. It includes heavy hitters like Colin Kaepernick, Maxine Waters, and Michael B. Jordan. VISIT WEBSITE

Check out Urban Intellectuals Black History Flash Cards! These cards combat the miseducation and suppression of Black achievements. There are multiple volumes to keep you woke! This 52-card series reveals the many untold stories and unknown figures that have given shape, color, and definition to the worlds of academia, science, civil rights, education, the arts, and more. It is imperative that we understand Black history, become inspired, and take action to build our own greatness! VISIT WEBSITE

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